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Spoody on Solana, inspired by the Spodermen meme, is a meme coin that pays tribute to the legacy of Jordan Clory.
In Memory of Jordan Clory
Please consider donating to support the education of Jordan Clory's son, Bowan: click here.
Spoody Community

The Spodermen token pays homage to the late content creator, Jordan Clory. At the forefront of Spodermen is our community, which is more than just a community; we are a family.

We all contribute to this project in many ways: raiding, shilling, involving influencers, engaging the community, marketing, trending, and much more is yet to come. The community is “the team,” and everything in this project is achieved through collective effort and full transparency.

We welcome all positive members with open arms. Your suggestions and creativity are not only greatly needed but also highly encouraged.

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Spoody Memes

Spoderman, also known as Spodermen or Spooderman, is an MS Paint character resembling a poorly-drawn version of Spiderman. The character usually appears as a recurring character in Dolan comics or videos. Any content involving Spoderman typically contains poor grammar and spelling, and has many signature phrases such as "an fagit", and "sweg".